MJ Scores a Slam Dunk, Winning the Heart of His Foster Parent

February 27, 2019


In November 2018, Daniel S. decided to open his heart and his home to an animal that needed a temporary home. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement, as Daniel wanted some company around his New York City apartment. Unsure if he could handle the time commitment and attention required when bringing a dog into a new environment, Daniel came to the ASPCA Adoption Center looking to foster a cat. 

For one particular cat named MJ, Daniel’s arrival turned out to be his lucky day!

The ASPCA Community Engagement team brought MJ to the ASPCA Adoption Center in August 2018 after an overwhelmed caregiver surrendered him. 

MJ came to the ASPCA with health issues. Some were easily treatable upon intake, others required a longer treatment plan. At the time, MJ had a congenital malformation of the eyelids, which caused his eyelids to roll inwards and irritated his eyes. To make MJ more comfortable between hospital visits, our team at the ASPCA Animal Hospital (AAH) decided that he would spend his time in the comfort of a foster home while he healed and waited to become available for adoption. 

MJ had spent time with two other foster caregivers before Daniel walked into his life to help him on the road to recovery. Unknowingly to all at that time, this would be his last foster placement.


Foster caregivers usually bring their animals back to the Adoption Center when they are ready to find their new, loving homes. However, MJ’s enigmatic character won Daniel over. And Daniel soon realized that he wanted to be more than a temporary stop on MJ’s journey—he instead wanted to be MJ’s new BFF.


“I honestly didn't intend on keeping him, but rather I planned to house him for the few weeks and go back for the next, and so on,” Daniel tells us. “However, I've never met a cat so cuddly and personal. So, he stayed.”

With his health issues behind him at this point, MJ truly came out of his shell and flourished in Daniel’s apartment—or is it MJ’s apartment now?

“He adjusted very well!” Daniel says. “In fact, he's cocky and thinks he owns the place.”

Daniel made the adoption official on November 30 2018. From a temporary houseguest to a full-fledged roommate, MJ has completely settled into his new life—and into Daniel’s lap! Daniel tells us that MJ is a “good buddy” who likes to just hang out with his friends. MJ even tolerates being dressed up in various sweaters.

“Life is great with him,” Daniel tells us. “He's great company, but not too much of a commitment, especially while living in a city like New York.”

The hustle and bustle of the Big Apple keeps New Yorkers on a busy schedule, but it’s nice to have a friendly face at home. Someone familiar to curl up with waiting for you at home—even if that someone has fur and whiskers!

MJ and Daniel