From Mississippi to New York: One Puppy Finds the Family She’d Been Waiting For

May 31, 2018

Happy Tails: Addy

When Andre J. and his family lost both of their 13-year-old Chihuahuas last year, they were devastated. The family had raised their dogs from six weeks of age, and felt a void in their lives as they grieved. As time passed, they realized that they were ready to bring another dog into their lives, and to give a second chance to a dog in need. 

“We were heartbroken,” Andre says. “But it was time to adopt a dog who needed a home.”  

Having the experience of raising their previous pets, Andre decided that they would adopt a puppy—and in a fortuitous turn of events, the ASPCA Adoption Center received a transport of sweet puppies looking for loving homes in August 2017. 

Addy with her toy

That’s when we first met Addy. Addy, alongside several other puppies, had just been transported from a partner shelter in Mississippi on the Nancy Silverman Rescue Ride, an ASPCA relocation route that transports animals in overcrowded shelters, to shelters where they will have a higher chance of adoption. 

Addy was a somewhat shy yet energetic puppy, with an infinite amount of love to give. As Andre and his family toured the Adoption Center in early September and looked at the sea of small, furry faces, they stopped when they spotted Addy. 

Addy sticking her tongue out

“She was sitting there with a cute, goofy, floppy-eared face,” Andre tells us. “We instantly fell in love with her.”

When talking about his first meeting with Addy, Andre insists that the young dog chose them just as much as they chose her. “When we were introduced by the trainer, Addy instantly bonded with us,” he says. “Five minutes later we took her home.”

Addy taking a nap

That day in September, Andre made the adoption official, and their family became whole again.

“She's been a joy ever since,” he says. “She’s growing immensely and learning a plethora of commands.” Andre also tells us that Addy has an affinity for chasing squirrels, something they are working with her on.

Happy Tails: Addy

When asked about what advice he has for someone considering adopting a shelter pet, Andre encourages everyone to consider opening their hearts. “I hope you can extend your hearts and homes to an animal in need of love,” he says. “Addy has filled our hearts with love—I thank the ASPCA for giving our family Addy.”

Addy on her bed

You can create a Happy Tail for an animal in need by opening your heart and adopting a shelter pet today! Not in the tri-state area? Find a shelter in your area and consider giving a four-legged friend a second chance.