From Mississippi to Manhattan: Another Dog’s Journey to Adoption

November 26, 2019

Curry and Stefano

Stefano A. of Manhattan had been browsing the ASPCA website in search of a canine companion when photos of a Yorkshire terrier caught his eye.

“I was planning to adopt that dog, but when I visited the ASPCA Adoption Center two days later, the staff brought out a three-month-old puppy named Curry, and he ran right toward me,” Stefano explains. “I just couldn’t say no to that face.”


Curry had been transported to the ASPCA just a day before alongside Apple, the 100,000th dog transported by our Relocation team during a milestone moment. Curry, incidentally, was number 100,001.

Curry and another puppy

“I hadn’t had a puppy in a while, and I’m by myself a lot,” says Stefano, who works in the restaurant/hospitality industry. “I have a lot of free time on my hands, so the timing was right.”

Now called Oliver, the feisty seven-pound, mixed-breed pup is growing fast, Stefano reports. Meanwhile, he’s also known as “little munchkin.”

Curry and Stefano

Oliver’s earliest known whereabouts were as a stray near Starkville, Mississippi, where he was found and taken to the Oktibbeha County Humane Society (OCHS). Oliver was fostered with Apple for a short time until he was healthy and ready for the 1,100-mile transport to New York City, where he and his travel companions would hopefully have a better chance at finding loving homes quickly. 

On April 3, Oliver was one of 20 dogs aboard the Nancy Silverman Rescue Ride on his way to New York , where the celebrated cargo was met with great fanfare.

After joining his new home, Oliver spent his time enjoying daily walks to a local park, where he disregards dogs his own size but, according to Stefano, takes a special interest in large breeds like Golden Retrievers.

Stefano, who grew up in Miami with a German Shepherd-mix and a Fox Terrier, recently relocated to Florida—with Oliver, of course—to be closer to family.

Curry out for a walk

Stefano also reports that Ollie is nearly housebroken and learning to walk on a leash. The dog he had originally planned to adopt found a loving home with someone else, and when asked if he still thinks about the Yorkie that got away, Stefano shakes his head.

“It’s just nice to have a companion at home,” he says. “Ollie’s definitely loving Florida. We moved over to South Beach and he’s definitely made way too many friends down here!” 

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