Injured Mishi Finds a Forever Friend, a Home and a New Life

January 11, 2017

Happy Tails: Mishi

“Talliafero is a wonderful cat—loving, sweet and a best buddy. Thanks for giving me the chance to be his caretaker. He will always be loved.” –Brendan G. of New York, NY

In May 2016, a two-year-old tabby named Mishi was surrendered to the ASPCA. His guardian had found Mishi as a stray, but after two years together, he was moving and no longer able to care for the cat. Upon Mishi’s intake, it was noted that the young cat had severe damage to his right eye, though it was unclear how his condition came to be. Mishi was then sent to the ASPCA Animal Hospital (AAH) to receive treatment—which he unfortunately did not respond to—and the veterinary team made the tough decision to remove Mishi’s damaged eye to prevent him any further discomfort.  

As he recovered from his surgery, the staff at AAH also noticed something slightly funny about Mishi:  he snored! Although it seems like such a silly thing, the veterinary team was slightly alarmed at first, concerned that something potentially dangerous could be affecting Mishi’s breathing. After a thorough work-up and a visit from a board-certified radiologist, it was determined that he was just fine. The snoring was most likely a result of a narrowing in the back of his throat, and wouldn’t affect Mishi’s health or ability to breathe. After nearly two months, the sensitive kitty was ready to move on and begin his search for his perfect adopter at the ASPCA Adoption Center. After another two months went by, he finally met Brendan G.

Brendan had been checking out the ASPCA website in the hopes of finding a new feline friend. He’d recently suffered the loss of his beloved cat of 19 years, Rita, and was finally ready to open his home and his heart again. “I saw a picture of Mishi and felt if I had love for an animal in me, then he deserved it,” Brendan says. “I was worried nobody would take him due to his eye, but overall I just fell for him.” After scrolling past Mishi’s photo several times, he couldn’t deny that the cat had that “special something” about him. “He had a bit of a puckish quality about him, and a sweetness mixed with a little bit of a chip on his shoulder. A handsome fella and a bit of a rascal, but not as nuts as a kitten,” he says. 

Mishi lying on his side

Once the pair met, Brendan knew it was meant to be. Although Mishi was initially shy and hesitant, Brendan was confident that he’d found his newest companion. He tells us that he never once asked about the history concerning Mishi’s eye, and that he didn’t ever really care to know. “It's his story, and it makes him even more special to me,” Brendan says assuredly.

After making the adoption official, Brendan gave Mishi a new name to go along with his new home: Talliafero, or Tolly, for short. Although Talliafero’s adjustment to his new life was a slow one, he now lives comfortably with his perfect pet parent—and Brendan hasn’t thought twice about his decision to adopt. He tells us that moving forward from his feeling of grief after losing Rita was extremely difficult, but that he’s happy to have found a new furry family member to care for. “Those feelings now go towards Talliafero. All the love I still had for Rita goes to him—I could not let it just sit without being a friend to another cat.” 

Mishi stretching

Brendan says that now, he and Talliafero are “thick as thieves,” and that Tolly’s initially shy demeanor has completely vanished in his new home. “This is a lovable cat who has a great personality and is so sweet. He is a happy guy, and he makes me happy to come home to him. I get immediate ankle nuzzling and head butting,” he says. “Totally charming and sweet— he is a perfect companion.”

During the day, Talliafero loves to sit in the window and watch the outside world. Brendan says that Tolly has become the king of their castle, and that he wouldn’t have it any other way. Talliafero also loves to play, especially with a laser pointer or bit of string. Although his depth perception isn’t the best, he gets around just fine, often just avoiding jumping up on unfamiliar things. Due to his love for playtime and fun personality, Brendan has even dubbed Tolly as his “little crazy man.”

Mishi playing with a toy

“He loves to head butt and nuzzle. He will suddenly jump on top of me and go straight for my neck where he buries his head and purrs like a lunatic. He has a little respiratory issue, and sometimes it causes him to make the funniest sounds!”

After Talliafero’s rough beginning, it is truly heartwarming to hear of his and Brendan’s strong connection. The pair truly were meant to be. You can create a Happy Tail of your own by adopting a shelter animal like Talliafero today!