Home at Last: Piglet’s Charming Tale of Rescue and Finding Her Family

November 9, 2016

Happy Tails: Piglet

“We’re absolutely in love. She is the nicest cat I've ever met—we're so lucky!” - Melissa Y. of New York, NY

Piglet’s story begins like too many others: the small three-year-old tabby cat was surrendered to a city shelter in poor condition. She was scared and alone, but not much else was known about how she came to be that way or what had happened. But one thing was certain: the young cat needed help and care right away.

After Piglet arrived at the ASPCA Animal Hospital (AAH), she spent a month getting the treatment and care she so desperately needed. Fortunately, the veterinary team was able to help Piglet, and she was soon placed in the ASPCA Adoption Center in the hopes of finding her the perfect home.

In her time short time at the Adoption Center, Piglet’s playful and affectionate personality began to show—though deemed to be shy at first, the little cat became quite the goofball. It was, eventually, that same sense of silliness that attracted Melissa Y. and her boyfriend Michael to Piglet as they scanned the Adoption Center in June of 2016. The couple had been considering adopting for some time, and after a friend recommended the ASPCA Adoption Center, Melissa and Michael were finally ready to take the leap into becoming pet parents. 

Piglet and Melissa

On their first visit to the Adoption Center, the pair went later in the day, unsure of whether they would find “the right one” on the first try. As they filled out their paperwork, Melissa noticed something, or someone, looking at her from a distance. “We saw this curious cat staring at us...and then she promptly threw up her food,” Melissa tells us about when she first saw Piglet. “It was hilarious, and kind of sweet.” Michael even went on to joke that they could adopt any cat, except that one. But, there was something about goofy Piglet that the couple couldn’t deny.

“The next time we came, we were still drawn to her.  She has an inquisitive, hundred-yard stare and was just so sweet,” says Melissa. They decided then that Piglet was in fact the cat they’d been looking for, and the trio then became a family. 

Melissa holding piglet

When the couple first brought Piglet home, they assumed that she would take her time to adjust. However, after the first night with her, the couple awoke to find her sleeping in between their pillows. Piglet made herself right at home.

Now comfortable with her family, Piglet enjoys napping in her favorite window ledge and begging for human treats when she hears someone in the kitchen. Melissa kept Piglet’s name after seeing her love for food, and refers to her as her “cat-dog.” She feels like she acts more like a dog than a feline at times.  

Piglet smelling a plant

Melissa and Michael found that special connection that you can only find with the perfect pet, and their family has never been happier. You can create your own “Happy Tail” by adopting a shelter pet today!