Help Us Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat Month by Adopting Your New BFF!

June 4, 2024


It’s time to celebrate Adopt a Shelter Cat Month! Every June, we shine a spotlight on adoptable feline friends who are looking for loving homes in Los Angeles and New York City. This year, our friends at ARM & HAMMER™ Cat Litter are joining us once again to help spread the word about cat adoption and find more cats the homes they deserve. ARM & HAMMER also provided some adorable AI-generated images of our cats to help their personalities shine!

If you decide to adopt one of these cuties, you’ll also be joining a life-changing movement called The Rescue Effect! When you adopt one cat, you ignite a ripple effect throughout shelters, creating space for more animals to be saved and transformed. Visit to learn more about how you can make an impact this Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!

If you’re seeking a feline companion in Los Angeles:



Tulip is a sweet cat who just needs some time to settle in before she blossoms into an affectionate friend. With love and patience, she’ll soon be cheerfully chatting with you about her day! She also enjoys tasty treats and won’t say no to playtime with a feather toy. If you’re ready to meet Miss Tulip, visit her profile to apply!


Obi has found a loving home!

This gregarious guy can’t wait to meet you! Obi is a social kitty who just adores getting attention from his people. He has lived well alongside other cats, dogs and children, so he’d likely be a happy camper in most homes! Obi has feline asthma, so his future family should be prepared to help him with this. When you visit his profile and fill out an application, our adoption team would be happy to tell you more about his needs and how to manage them in a new home!

Or maybe your kitty bestie is in the tri-state area:



Jaggers is a cat who know what he likes in life: naps and playtime! His ideal family would have a quiet home and give some time to open up. Soon enough, he’ll be bouncing around after a wand toy and napping by your side as you read a book. If he sounds like the paw-fect cat for you, check out his profile to learn more!



This cat is here to start your days off right – meet Oatmeal! He’s an independent guy who prefers to seek out attention from his people on his own terms. He’s always ready to play with his toys, too! If you love a sweet cat who lives by his own rules, visit his profile to find out how to bring him home!



Regal Williamson has a heart of gold and a fur coat to match! He loves to cuddle and be near his people. He’s a chatty guy who enjoys birdwatching, too. His adopters should know that he receives daily treatment for asthma. Our medical team will give you all the information you need on what to expect and how to best care for Williamson. If you’re ready to learn more about this loving and social boy, visit his profile!

If you don’t live in the Los Angeles or tri-state areas, but are interested in cat adoption to celebrate this exciting month, you can check out your local shelter or visit our friends at Animal Care Centers of NYC!

You can also make a big impact on cats in need by becoming a foster caregiver! Our fosters play a crucial role in The Rescue Effect – especially for special cats like these! You can foster for the ASPCA in Columbus, OhioNew York City, Los Angeles and Weaverville, North Carolina (dog fosters only).