Have You Ever Thought About Becoming a Foster Caregiver?

November 17, 2022


Well now’s your chance! And if you haven’t ever thought about fostering seriously, here’s our best attempt at convincing you… 

Fostering an animal in need literally save lives! By caring for an animal in your home, it opens up space in the shelter for other animals to receive the care and attention they need. Plus, you get to have a furry friend in your home! What’s better than that? 

For many foster animals, giving them a safe and loving home also allows them the opportunity to heal—whether it be medically or emotionally—as well as the chance to experience a comfortable home for the very first time. 

Plus, many foster programs across the country, including the ASPCA’s, cover the cost of care, food, supplies and toys. It’s free—and fun—to have a cuddle buddy getting cozy at your house for a bit—especially during the holiday season! 

Though fostering may not feel like changing the world, you’re changing their whole world. You truly are their heroes! 

Animal shelters and rescue organizations across the country are in dire need of foster caregivers, including the ASPCA. We invite you to consider temporarily open your heart and home to an animal who could use some TLC this holiday season! 


New York City

The ASPCA in New York City is desperately seeking large dog fosters. You can sign up to foster a large dog, or any type of animal you’re interested in, through our Foster Program in New York City

Los Angeles

Lend your love as a foster caregiver to a kitten or cat in Los Angeles

North Carolina

Or, if you’re in North Carolina, lend your love (and a paw) to a dog in Asheville!


You can foster a dog or cat through our Cruelty Recovery Center in Columbus, Ohio!

Everywhere Else 

Not located in one of these areas? You can still help! Just contact your local shelter and ask them about becoming a foster caregiver today!