Fearful Jules Overcomes the Odds and Opens Herself Up to a Loving Home

December 6, 2017


Five-year-old Jules came to the ASPCA in January 2016, after being rescued from a tragic situation along with many other animals. Upon arrival, Jules and her companions were admitted to the ASPCA Animal Hospital (AAH), where they were able to receive veterinary care and begin to heal. It was noted that Jules had some scarring on her left eye that veterinarians believed was probably from a previous eye infection. Luckily, for the pretty black cat, the scarring didn’t hinder Jules’ eyesight in any way. 

Behaviorally, Jules was fearful and apprehensive of any contact with people. She spent months avoiding interactions with people, but even so, no one was giving up on Jules. She was a work in progress—no one doubted that Jules could eventually overcome her fears. It would just take a little time and a lot of patience and understanding. 

Jules looking up

In September, Jules and a few other behaviorally challenged cats had an opportunity to move to a quiet, open space where the ASPCA Behavior Team could better help them overcome their fearfulness and learn to trust. Within days of being moved to this new space, Jules had a major breakthrough when she began soliciting attention from our staff. Over time, sensitive Jules began allowing people to pet her and even pick her up. Her timid spirit grew ever so slightly bolder, and in the most touching turn to her story—she began to trust. Jules spent seven months in this area of the ASPCA Adoption Center, and in April 2017, Jules was ready to find a loving home. 

Jules sitting on a desk

In her first month after being made available for adoption, Jules spent some time in the ASPCA Office Foster Program, where she was able to experience a more domestic, social setting. By August 2017— one and a half years after her arrival—Jules found the family she’d been waiting for. 

Shelby L. and her boyfriend, Zack, were looking for another feline friend to add to their family after relocating to New York City with their resident cat, Hermia. Though the couple had looked at a few local shelters for their newest family member, they hadn’t found “the one,” just yet. But when Zack spotted an ASPCA Pet of the Week video we had shared of Jules, there was something about her that made them think she could be the cat they’d been searching for. 


“Zack was the one who found Jules and knew he had to at least meet her,” Shelby says. So Zack and Shelby went to meet Jules in person to determine if the sensitive, sweet cat would be a fit for them and for Hermia. Luckily for all parties involved, the fit was just right. Zack and Shelby made the adoption official in August 2017. After close to two years, Jules was going home. 

Shelby tells us that Jules has surpassed all of their expectations since she joined the family. “Jules' bio at the ASPCA described a shy, skittish cat who doesn't like to be held or touched without her consent first--this is NOT the Jules we know today,” she says. “She's super playful, talkative, needy and clingy—in a good way, of course! She loves to sit and watch TV with you on the couch, or lay in bed. She wants to sniff and eat your hair. She will follow you around the house and greet you when you come home.” 

Jules sitting on the floorJules resting on a pillow

Since her adoption, Shelby and Zack changed Jules’ full name to Juliet, but still keep her nickname as Jules. Shelby tells us that Jules and Hermia are like classic sisters—always bickering—but that the family of four is doing better than ever. 

Jules' new sister, Hermia

Jules’ new sister, Hermia.

Everyone is surprised and delighted by the incredible amount of progress Jules has made since meeting Zack and Shelby. Her resilience and ability to overcome her extreme fearfulness is truly something extraordinary. 

“She is definitely an amazing cat,” Shelby says. 

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