After an Eight Month Journey, Tobias Finds a Home that Is Just Right

April 5, 2017


“Tobias, a.k.a. “Little Man,” seems quite happy and content.” –Peter S. of New York, NY

In early March 2016, an orange and white tabby cat named Tobias was transferred from a local shelter to the ASPCA. Upon initial examination, the friendly feline was diagnosed with a heart murmur, and it was noted that he had some difficulty breathing. The veterinary team at the ASPCA Animal Hospital (AAH) determined that that if Tobias maintained a healthy weight and received routine monitoring, he would be just fine. After he was cleared by the team at AAH, he was moved to the ASPCA Adoption Center. It was here that Tobias’ journey toward a loving home was finally able to begin.

To the team at the Adoption Center, three-year-old Tobias was a friendly but independent kitty. He enjoyed affection and playtime on his own terms. Though not a deterrent, this “cat-itude” indicated that sweet-yet-sassy Tobias would need an adopter that fit his personality just right. By the end of March, a potential adopter had taken an interest in him, and Tobias then went to what everyone hoped would be his perfect home. 


Unfortunately, after seven months with his new adopter, Tobias was returned to the Adoption Center. Over the course of his time in the adopter’s home, Tobias struggled with soiling issues and other behavioral concerns such as swatting. Though it was a difficult decision, his adopter knew that they were not a right fit for each other.

Upon Tobias’s return, it was quickly noted that he had put on quite a bit of weight in his time away from the ASPCA. Handsome Tobias weighed in at 15 pounds, giving his one-of-a-kind personality a larger-than-life look to match. However, this increase in weight was potentially dangerous for the young cat, therefore he was given a new diet to help him slim down and stay healthy. 

Tobias on a bed

Tobias spent less than two weeks with us before new adopters began to show an interest in him. Peter S. and his partner were no strangers to the ASPCA when they came to the Adoption Center. The long-time supporters had adopted two cats in 2012: Sherlock and Pepper. After losing Pepper over the summer, they felt that it was the right time to bring a new furry friend into their home. “Sherlock just seemed lost afterwards,” Peter says. “We could tell he wanted feline companionship.”

The couple began their search at the Adoption Center once again, and it wasn’t long before they came across Tobias. “We tried to choose a cat that we thought would fit Sherlock’s personality, and Tobias seemed to fit that bill: easy-going, playful, and could otherwise take a good mauling in their play,” Peter says. “He was with another cat in his enclosure, and that’s all they did, so the choice was clear.” 

tobias sleeping

They made the adoption official the day before Halloween, and Tobias was once again sent to a new home. Fortunately, this was the home he’d been waiting for all along. Peter tells us that Tobias adjusted very well to his new surroundings and family. The playful cat even garnered the nickname “Little Man,” shortly after his arrival. “He and his brother are together all the time,” Peter says. “He seems to have boundless energy, even too much at times for Sherlock, but they do run around and play all the time.” 

Tobias and his brother Sherlock enjoying a cat-nap.

Tobias and his brother Sherlock enjoying a cat-nap.

Though his journey took some ups and downs, Tobias finally found just what he needed: loving adopters with a home perfectly suited to him.