Animals Thank You for Your Guardian Membership!


Your devoted support of the ASPCA reaches hundreds of thousands of animals through our lifesaving work each year. You are always by our side helping animals in need—whether there’s a tiny, orphaned kitten who needs round-the-clock care, a fearful dog who needs behavioral rehabilitation or a horse who needs to find a loving home—we know we can count on you. On behalf of the nation’s animals—thank you!

Your loyal Guardian membership helps the ASPCA…

Rescue Animals from Danger

Whether a natural disaster or a cruelty case investigation, a dogfighting operation or a puppy mill, our team is prepared to rescue animals in need when we are called by authorities to help. You are with us on the front lines of animal rescue.


Buster is one of 40 dogs who we helped rescue from an overcrowded property in Texas. He is now the center of attention in his new home.

Save Tiny Lives

We’re expanding our efforts for the most vulnerable kittens—too young to survive on their own—by growing our kitten foster program so that tiny felines get the care they need. You support our nation’s most helpless animals.


As an orphaned kitten, Quandry had to be bottle-fed by dedicated caregivers until she was healthy and old enough to find a loving family.

Find Loving Homes for Animals in Need

Our Animal Relocation program helps tens of thousands of homeless animals each year on their journey to find loving homes. We even applied learnings from transporting cats and dogs, to moving horses for better chances at adoption.


Geneve is enjoying life in her new home thanks to being transported across the country through the Horse Adoption Express.

Rehabilitate Animals

Some animals need medical or behavioral intervention before they can move on to a loving home. The ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center (BRC) helps extremely fearful dogs overcome their traumatic pasts and prepare for life with a devoted family.


Floochy was fearful of unknown people, objects and sounds when he joined the BRC, but he has now learned the joys in life—especially squeaky toys!

Reach Animals Nationwide

We support local shelters and rescue groups with a variety of resources including training to identify animal cruelty, grant funding, disaster response efforts, relocation of homeless animals, spay/neuter training and more to help animal welfare professionals save more animals in their local communities.


Our expert staff demonstrates gentle animal handling techniques to decrease stress in feline patients.

Increase Protections for Animals under the Law

Each year, we have new opportunities to press for meaningful policies that ensure animals live good lives. Your membership helps us fight the toughest battles for animals in local, state and federal governments.


You help us to fight for stronger protections under the law for cruelty victims like Harper.

Keep Pets with their Families

By increasing access to affordable veterinary services in underserved communities, we can improve the lives of animals and help more pets stay with their loving families. Your support can help keep pets happy, healthy and in their homes.


Holstein is a dogfighting survivor, but now only has to worry about surviving all the smooches from his doting family.

Our lifesaving programs like these and many others, reach hundreds of thousands of animals throughout America year after year because members like you support the ASPCA. Thank you for making this work possible—we can’t do it without you.