2 years

Meet Willow! Willow can be very shy and nervous in new places, but what she lacks in bravery she more than makes up for in personality! Willow is a very playful, endearing and inquisitive kitten who has never met a toy she didn't like. Once she trusts you, she will happily sit nearby and let you play with her for hours. 

Willow loves company from humans as long as her boundaries are respected. A little patience will go a very long way with her, and she will make an excellent companion for someone willing to take their time. The way to her heart is definitely through treats and toys! She particularly likes wand and feather toys, and anything that rattles. 

Willow would do best in a quiet home with a patient adopter. She is happiest when she's with her brother, Ash. Willow completely adores her brother and he adores her. They play together all the time and she often follows his lead when it comes to confidence. They can’t imagine life without each other—and don’t want to—so they must be adopted together. 

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