Black and White
1 year

Meet Ash! Although nervous and shy at first, Ash is the most affectionate, loving and confident kitten once he gets to know you! He is very quick to purr loudly, and he'll come looking for attention after mealtimes, or if he hasn't seen you in a few hours. Ash tolerates being picked up, but mostly he loves to just snuggle next to you. He has become a cuddle monster while in foster! 

Ash completely adores his sister, Willow, and she adores him. They play together all the time and would love to be adopted together. Ash loves treats and ALL types of toys—he's very play and food motivated. He particularly likes wand and feather toys and anything that rattles. They can’t imagine life without each other—and don’t want to—so they must be adopted together. 

Ash is a real bundle of fun, and there's never a dull moment with him. If Ash and Willow sound like your perfect pair, please complete our online adoption survey


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