2 years

Meet Veruca! Veruca is a shy but curious little girl and the perfect cat's cat! She can be very timid around people and feels more comfortable around other cats than she does around humans. Veruca absolutely adores her foster family's adult cats, especially their three-year-old male cat. She follows him everywhere! She also loves her two siblings, Charlie and Augustus

Veruca is silly, feisty and loves to play. True to her namesake, Veruca shows her brothers who’s boss! She loves to play with coil toys, bottle caps, wand toys, stuffed mice, ribbon toys, balls—you name it! 

Veruca has made a lot of progress since she first came into our foster program, and her foster mom has worked every day to build her trust. Veruca has taken smalls steps to become more social around people, but she still prefers attention on her own terms. She will still run away if approached too quickly, and she does not like to be held. However, she will exchange slow blinks with you from a short distance away, and she doesn't mind hanging out in the same room with you. Our Adoption Team would love to speak to potential adopters about how to help Veruca adjust to a new home.

Veruca would do best with a calm and patient adopter who understands that she will most likely never be a lap cat—and that’s okay! Instead Veruca would be an ideal match for someone looking to adopt a feline friend for their current cat or kitten. Veruca may not want to be your best friend, but she will provide hours of entertainment and snuggles for your resident cat! 

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