Black and white
10 months

Meet Spot! Spot is a shy girl who can be nervous in new places and with new people. Loud or unfamiliar sounds often startle her. However, since Spot and her sister Feather came to our foster program in November 2020, her foster mom has worked closely with our staff to help show Spot and Feather that the human life isn’t too bad. 

Spot absolutely adores other cats! She feels safest with her cat buddies and will look to them for attention. Spot doesn’t like to be alone and would much rather be snuggled up next to her foster family's resident cats or her sister. Spot will often meow for Feather if she's not around – how cute is that?

Spot loves to play! She enjoys interacting with humans when they play with her using wand toys, small soft balls, toy mice or pipe cleaners. Spot especially loves playing with her sister or her foster family's other cats. She is not a big fan of cat treats, but she does come to you when you offer wet food. 

Spot currently doesn't enjoy being picked up but is happy being in the same room as humans and making contact with them once she feels comfortable. She loves to sleep on the sofa on top of a soft blanket with her sister, and when she is a bit sleepy, she will let her foster mom pet her on her back. Her purr motor starts up as soon as you touch her! 

Since Spot is shy, she would do best in a quiet home with a patient adopter willing to give her time to adjust to a new environment. Spot is very attached to her sister, Feather, and couldn’t imagine life without her, so they must be adopted together. 

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