Grey and white
10 months

Meet Feather! Feather is a shy girl and a bit suspicious of new people. When she meets someone new, she will only approach them if they are sitting quietly. However, since Feather and her sister Spot came to our foster program in November 2020, her foster mom has worked closely with our staff to help show Feather and Spot that the human life isn’t too bad. 

Feather adores being around other cats! She likes to play with her foster family's resident cats and especially with her sister. She will often answer Spot when she is meowing for her and will look for her if she's not nearby. Feather enjoys all types of toys - she will play with anything that moves! She enjoys interacting with humans when they play with her using wand toys, small soft balls, toy mice or pipe cleaners. Feather also loves bird watching and being entertained by the world outside. 

Feather is happy being in the same room as humans and making contact with them once she feels comfortable. She doesn't like to be picked up too much but will come close to you to get lots of pets. She is a bit more outgoing than her sister and likes to explore and climb around her home. 

Since Feather is a bit nervous, she would do best in a quiet home with a patient adopter willing to give her time to adjust to a new environment. Feather is very attached to her sister, Spot, and couldn’t imagine life without her, so they must be adopted together. 

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