Torbi with white
2 years

Meet Peaches! This beauty queen can be very shy around new people and places but eventually comes around. She will need a couple days to adjust to her new environment, but once she feels more comfortable, she absolutely loves scritches from humans!

Peaches can be a talkative gal. She loves to watch birds on “cat TV” and likes to explore and climb around her home. She doesn't love to be held all the time and would much rather be playing! Peaches' favorite toys include balls and feather wands. She especially loves to play with her brother, Cream, and has been around other cats and small dogs in a previous foster home.

Peaches would love to be adopted with her brother Cream, or into a home with another friendly cat. If you would like to make Peaches–and maybe Cream, too!–part of your family, please fill out our online adoption survey!


Peaches and Cream

Peaches and foster pals

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