Cream with white
2 years

Meet Cream! This dapper dude can be very shy around new people and places but eventually comes around. He will need a couple days to adjust to his new environment, but once he feels more comfortable, he absolutely loves being around humans!

Once he has settled in, Cream is very friendly, talkative and super sweet. He loves to follow his favorite humans around their home asking for attention and pets. He also loves to sit by the window and look outside and enjoys taking naps on the cat tree.

Cream loves all types of toys, including feather wand toys, balls and laser pointers. Cream especially loves to play with his sister, Peaches, and has been around other cats and small dogs in a previous foster home.

Cream doesn't like to be left alone, and would love to be adopted with his sister, Peaches, or into a home with another friendly cat. If you would like to make Cream–and maybe Peaches, too!–part of your family, please fill out our online adoption survey!



Peaches and Cream

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