Your Food Purchases Matter!

Every food purchase is a vote for how animals should be raised. We have the power to show that there is no market for farm animal cruelty by picking meat, milk or eggs from credible, welfare-certified farms and by choosing more plant-based meals.

Take Action Today

While federal and state laws do not sufficiently protect farm animals from cruelty, we are working at all levels of government to change that. We’re helping pass bans on some of the worst factory farming practices, fighting for greater transparency in agriculture, and working to strengthen existing laws so they keep farm animals safe from suffering. But the voices that speak the loudest to lawmakers belong to their own constituents—you.

Farmers and Food Industry

Farms and businesses that are listening to today’s consumers know that the choice to raise animals more humanely goes beyond just ethics—it’s a better business model. Small farmers, large producers, independent businesses and large corporations all play a part in building a more humane, more accountable food system, and stand to benefit from doing so. Using in-house knowledge of animal welfare science and certification standards, the ASPCA is helping farmers and companies adopt strong and transparent animal welfare policies and practices. If you represent a food business looking to improve the animal welfare in your supply chain, contact [email protected].