The Whole30® Commitment to Higher Animal Welfare

The Whole30® Commitment to Higher Animal Welfare

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The Whole30® program is a popular, 30-day dietary reset that focuses on eating whole ingredients and excludes ingredients such as added sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, most dairy, and certain food additives. Whole30 Approved® products are ready-made or minimally processed plant and animal products that meet these requirements. There are over 116 Whole30 Approved partner brands available in North America.

The Whole30 program is based on the ideal of wholesome food that is honestly produced, sourced and labeled. In line with these values, Whole30 has collaborated with the ASPCA to further define, expand and integrate comprehensive animal welfare standards into the Whole30 Approved program’s requirements for products containing animal ingredients.

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In its new policy, Whole30 strongly encourages its Whole30 Approved product partners to achieve an independent animal welfare certification recognized by the ASPCA’s Shop With Your Heart program (Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Humane, or Global Animal Partnership Level 2 or higher), and to feature the certification label on its product packaging along with the Whole30 Approved label.

If a product is shy of earning a meaningful certification, product partners are responsible for demonstrating third-party audited compliance to new, rigorous Whole30 animal welfare standards relevant to the animal ingredient used. For example, caging, crating, feedlots and use of growth hormones will not be permitted, and better conditions such as outdoor access and enriched indoor environments must be provided.

For a full list of animal welfare requirements, please see the Whole30 Approved animal welfare policy here. Whole30 Approved animal products must be fully compliant with animal welfare standards by 2021. This timeline allows a phase-in period to schedule audits and update packaging design.

In addition, the Whole30 program supports the international movement to improve the lives of broiler chickens by 2024 through the use of healthier chicken breeds, better housing conditions and slaughter practices with third-party auditing to ensure compliance. This requirement can be found in Whole30’s new animal policy.

Whole30’s animal welfare standards, including alignment with the movement to improve the lives of chickens, make it the first branded dietary program to prioritize the connection between healthful and mindful food choices by addressing the compassionate treatment of farm animals.

To find the Whole30 Approved partners committed to achieving animal welfare certification in the near future, please visit our Committed Companies page. To find Whole30 Approved products that have already earned animal welfare certification, check out our Shop With Your Heart Brand List.