ASPCA ShopKind Helpline

Do you want personalized help via text message to find more humanely produced food?

Good news: We’re standing by to take the mystery out of shopping!

ASPCA ShopKind screenshot

The ASPCA ShopKind Helpline is a text-based service provided by the ASPCA to help you decipher confusing animal welfare labels and find food that matches your values.

  • Find out which labels are meaningful—or meaningless—on different products.
  • Find brands that are welfare-certified or plant-based.
  • Find welfare-certified farms near you.
  • Ask ASPCA experts all the burning questions you’ve always had about farming practices, food labels and more!

All you have to do is enter your cell phone number below, and you’ll be instantly connected to ASPCA experts who will answer any question, send you info about higher-welfare and plant-based brands and farms, and help you make the most welfare-conscious choices possible. 


ShopKind Helpline is a service of the ASPCA’s Shop With Your Heart program. Standard message and data rates may apply.