Tan/ White Brindle
Pit Bull Terrier Mix
3 years

Are you in a York state of mind? This lovable fella sure is, and he’s hoping you are too! Don’t let the serious face fool you—York is an expert at walking the line between sweet and playful. He’s a great companion and is getting ready to conquer the city with a new human by his side.

Big fan of: Playtime! York has a fun-loving spirit that comes out at just the right times. He enjoys games with his human friends so much that sometimes he just can’t contain his excitement! This guy rolls his body all over the floor to show you how happy he really is. York doesn’t limit his play sessions to just people, either. He can be a little picky about other dogs and prefers to meet all potential pup friends one-on-one first. But, after nice introduction York morphs into a true WWE star! He loves play-wrestling with his canine buds—and will make plenty of noises to let you that he’s having fun!

Special features: York is a hard worker! He’s eager to learn more manners and tricks, especially if it means getting a taste of his favorite treat. Loud noises, especially those on the street, can make York a little nervous. But, he’s working hard on bringing his fearless side out! York loves his human friends and making sure that they know he’s there. He’s studying up on the art of keeping all four paws on the ground.

Dream home: York is looking for a home on a quiet street where he can learn to adjust to the sights and sounds of the city. He should live with children ages 10 and up.