Pit Bull Terrier Mix
3 years

More About Her:

Meet Willow! This bright, beautiful gal is a big goofball at heart looking for someone to be silly with. With her big grin and floppy ears, Willow is sure to make you smile within moments of meeting her. Willow loves life, and she’s sure to love you too! She’s an all-around happy-go-lucky lady looking for someone who has just as much energy and joie de vivre as she does.

Big fan of: Friends! Willow is a sweet and silly gal who loves just about everyone she meets and loves to enjoy some playtime with her favorite people. When it comes to dog friends, Willow is interested, but can sometimes get overly enthusiastic when playing with other dogs. Willow would do best with larger dog friends who can appreciate her play style. Willow has a fair amount of energy, and she would make a great running buddy or jogging partner! Though Willow feels stressed at times in our shelter, she is happiest when she is out and about—she is always ready for an adventure! Willow would love to show you her manners when out for a walk on her leash.

Special feature: Willow is eager to learn more of her basic manners and will work hard for a tasty treat! In her previous home, Willow may have been housetrained, but with guidance and supervision, she will quickly remember to only use the bathroom outside in her new home. Our Behavior team can help you with tips and tricks on this.

Dream home: Willow is looking for an active adopter who is willing to continue to train and exercise her daily. She can join a household with children six years and older.