Labrador Retriever Mix
7 months

Waco is looking for a very special home. Before inquiring about her, please read her bio fully to see if you are an appropriate match.

Just as her name implies, Waco’s roots are in the south! This pup is new to the big city, and so far she’s a little homesick for the quietness and space that come along with rural life. We know that her dream home with another dog and a big backyard is out there in the NYC area somewhere, and Waco’s hoping that home might be yours!

Big fan of: Taking her time! Waco can be a little nervous around people she doesn’t know, but give her space and the opportunity to come to you and Waco will soon be melting your heart with her sweet-as-sugar personality and big puppy dog eyes! Deep down she truly is a lovebug, and Waco shows more of that side of herself every day. But her one true love? Other dogs! Waco feels most comfortable and confident--and really comes out of her shell--when she has a canine buddy or two by her side. 

Special features: There’s a brave pup inside Waco—she just needs a hand bringing it out! New people and environments can be very overwhelming for her, but with time, encouragement and the right approach, Waco starts to settle in and make friends with the people she sees frequently. She would benefit greatly from working with a professional trainer to help her become the bold dog we know she can be!

Dream home: Waco is looking for a patient and experienced adopter who can give her the training she needs to be a fearless lady! The hustle and bustle of the big city is too much for this southern belle, so she must go to a home with a backyard in a quiet neighborhood.  Waco’s new family should include another dog who can help build her confidence and kids that are teens and up.