White/ Tan
American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
4 years

The ASPCA staff who know Tori best describe her as a dog with, “the mushiest face that you just want to cuddle with,”—so you know she’s got to be quite the pup! An equal fan of play and long naps, Tori pretty much has it all and wants nothing more than to be the perfect addition to a family. Could that family be yours?

Big fan of: Being around her people! Tori is a social butterfly who has never met a person she doesn’t like. Whether you’re a friend or a stranger, if Tori spots you, there’s only one thing she wants from you—to be loved on! This pretty lady adores pets and scratches and sometimes even rolls over onto her back to invite you to rub her belly—and she usually has the goofiest grin on her face while she’s at it! Aside from being doted on Tori enjoys going for walks outside and stretching her legs, and she typically pays no mind to any dogs that may pass by. But even once she’s tuckered out from all the outdoor fun, Tori is always up for a little training! A super-fast learner, Tori will do anything if it means getting a taste of one of her favorite snacks.

Working on: Learning to speak dog. At the ASPCA, Tori has gotten the chance to meet a number of other pups. She’s liked most of the other canines she’s met, but there have been a few times where this sweet girl has been a little uncomfortable. She generally seems to prefer male dogs over female dogs, and in any case prefers one-on-one interactions to group playdates. Because Tori can be choosy about which pups she lets into her doggy social circle, her new family should be creative about other ways to let Tori get some exercise besides the dog park. They should also know what a good dog-to-dog intro looks like! Our Behavior team is happy to provide any further tips or information that may be helpful, too.

Dream home: Tori would do best with an adopter who has some experience with dogs who can be picky about their dog friends. Children and cats may be new to Tori, but our Matchmakers would be happy to speak with potential adopters about how she may do in a home with kids or kitties. If you think that Tori may be the pup for you, please complete our Dog Adoption Survey.