American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
1 year

If Toby were a person, there’s no doubt that he would be one of those people who jumps out of bed with a smile on his face, throws on his running shoes and goes for a good morning jog! This active young pup is currently training to become the mature dog he’d like to be, and he’s on the hunt for a new coach who can help him get there! Think that could be you?

Big fan of: Having fun! It’s impossible for Toby to say no to a good game. Pull out a tennis ball and watch as this goofy boy’s face lights up with excitement! When he’s not busy chasing after toys, Toby likes to spend his time hanging out with his human friends. And what better way to do that than with a fun walk? The world is an exciting place for Toby, and the best part of his day is getting outside, stretching his legs and experiencing everything it has to offer! Once he’s back inside, you may find Toby splayed out on the floor with his legs pushed as far back as they can go!

Special features: Toby is eager to learn more of his adult manners! Sometimes this playful guy can get so wrapped up in his excitement that he forgets to be as polite as he knows he should be. He’s working hard on remembering to walk nicely on leash and keep all four paws on the ground around friends! When it comes meeting other dogs, Toby prefers to greet them one-on-one first before deciding whether to dive into a fun play session.

Dream home: Toby would like an adopter who can keep him busy and give him the continued training he needs! He would do best in an active home, and any children in the household must be ages 10 and up.