Labrador Retriever
1 year

Need a “tip” on which dog might be right for you? Meet Tippy! With a heart of gold, this gentle guy is looking for a comfy home to spend his life in. There is so much in the world for Tippy to explore, and with the right adopter and doggie friends Tippy would love to see how much beauty and fun is out there waiting for him!

Big fan of: Other dogs! Sometimes Tippy gets a little nervous around new people or in new places. He counts on his brave doggie friends to show him that the world really isn’t such a scary place! Whether it’s at home or on the street, Tippy considers every dog he meets his bud. He’s always looking to expand his friends list, so Tippy will take as many trips to the dog park as you’re willing to make! And he’s sweet, too. Tippy is a lovebug, and once you’re his friend he’ll be cuddled up right next to you asking for all the pets and scratches you can give!

Special features: Tippy is a shy and sensitive sweetheart. He takes his time adjusting to new people and surroundings and likes to keep his distance until he gets comfortable. He needs your help getting there, but then his sweet personality shines brighter than the sun! Tippy may be housetrained, and our Behavior staff can give you some tips and tricks on how to help him remember to only use the bathroom outside.

Dream home: In his new digs Tippy will need an understanding friend to show him how great his new environment really is! He must be adopted to a home with at least one other dog. He is looking for a patient adopter ready to help him come out of his shell and can join a household with teens and up.