American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
7 years

Ready to channel your inner athlete? Do you prefer early morning jogs and late night strolls through the park? Then Timmy could be the guy for you! This handsome boy is a natural born athlete who would be a perfect running partner and the ultimate BFF. Timmy loves the great outdoors, and one of his favorite activities is walking outside and exploring the city. He’s looking for someone who likes to stay active as much as he does, and who will let his athletic nature shine!

Big fan of: People! Timmy is a social guy who loves spending time with his favorite people. This happy-go-lucky dog loves when he gets to go outside and stretch his legs with his friends. When he’s feeling relaxed, Timmy loves to get plenty of pets, scratches and love. Though Timmy quickly bonds with new people friends, he can sometimes feel uncomfortable around other dogs. He’s happy to politely pass other dogs on the street, but will move away to avoid interaction with them. He is not a dog park dog.

Special features: Timmy is a smart boy who will work hard for a taste of his favorite treat. He is eager to learn his basic manners and will benefit from an adopter who will help teach him more. Our Behavior team can help with guidance on how to help Timmy remember to only use the bathroom outside as he adjusts to his new home.

Dream home: Timmy is looking for an adopter who is willing to continue to train and exercise him regularly. He should be the only dog in his new home and can join a household with teens and up.