Cream/ Tan
Pomeranian Mix
5 years

Tifl may be a small girl, but she’s ready to take up a big space in your heart! Shy and friendly, sweet Tifl can get a little nervous in new situations and with new people. But, once she gets to know you Tifl will never leave your side! Her smile is contagious, and she’s looking for a human friend to smile alongside her. Could that be you?

Big fan of: Treats! The second Tifl hears that bag open her excitement is visible. Look down and Tifl will be right at your feet, tongue hanging out, wiggling that fluffy body all over the place! And Tifl doesn’t think the humans giving the treats are that bad, either. While new people can be a little scary for Tifl, she’s a social butterfly at heart! She has no qualms with calling anyone and everyone her BFF after steady introductions.

Special features: Tifl is one smart lady! She is already wee wee pad trained and will put in plenty of hard work if it means getting a taste of some yummy treats. With treats comes calories and burning those off is important to Tifl. She isn’t a fan of having her harness put on, but once she’s suited up this fun-loving lady is always rearing and ready for walks! She makes sure to stop and smell the roses (literally) and boop her snoot on everything she wants to explore! Tifl can pass by other pups outside, but she would prefer not to interact with dogs otherwise.

Dream home: Tifl needs an adopter that understands and has experience with shy dogs to help her come out of her shell. She would like to be the only pet in the home and can live with children ages 10 and up.