2 years

If there’s one dog that proves that being different isn’t a bad thing, it’s Snowy! Adjusting to a new life without sight, Snowy is learning that the world isn’t such a scary place—and she’s making strides! Snowy is on the hunt for an adopter who can help bring her confident side out, while also making lots of time for some good R&R. Does that sound like you?

Big fan of: Relaxing! You can often spot Snowy curled up and tucked away under every cozy blanket she can find, taking a nice cat nap—or should we say dog nap? When she hears the voice of one of her favorite human friends, Snowy stands right up and trots over to you! She may even jump up on your legs to let you know she’s there. Sit down with sweet Snowy and scratch behind her ears, and she’s sure to lean right into your lap. But for Snowy, life isn’t all about cuddling—it’s also about going for walks! An expert at following the sound of your voice, Snowy adores going for leisurely strolls outside and feeling the sun on her back.

Special features: Snowy is a very special lady! Newly blind, Snowy is still adjusting and. understandably, gets a little nervous in new situations and around new people. But Snowy has a zest for life that’s incredibly admirable, and she’s gradually building her confidence!

Dream home: Snowy would like a patient adopter who will give her time to warm up and relax! She would do best in a quiet household.