Labrador Retriever
10 months

Scotty is a big guy who’s right in that sweet spot between fun puppy and mature adult! An all-around good boy, Scotty has a lot of love to give—and he’d like some in return, too! If you’re looking for a new BFF who’s just as sweet as can be, Scotty may just be your man.

Big fan of: People! Scotty is, frankly, the friendliest guy around. He greets anyone and everyone with a smile and full-body wiggle! A big fan of physical affection, Scotty will run right up to you to ask for pets and scratches. It’s impossible not to know how much he loves them—even though he’s a big guy, Scotty leans his whole body into you to show his enjoyment! But Scotty doesn’t limit his social interactions to just people. Scotty enjoys being around most other dogs, and would love going to the dog park as many times as you’re willing to take him! 

Special features: Scotty is ready and willing to learn more basic tricks and manners! He’s already a pro at “sit,” and would love to take basic obedience classes to help him learn more grown-up skills.

Dream home: Scotty is looking for a family who can help him grow into a mature adult! He would prefer a home with children ages 6 and up.