Brown/ White
American Pit Bull Terrier
7 years

Ready to meet Roger? This guy is kind, genuine and an all-around good boy! As soon as you take your first look at those handsome eyes you can feel his love radiating out. Roger has never met a person he doesn’t like and is ready to shower you in devotion—you just need to come meet him first!

Big fan of: Walks! Nothing makes Roger happier than seeing his human coming over with a leash. As soon as he catches a glimpse of that harness, this smart boy will calmly stick his head right on through and wait patiently as you clip him in! If there’s one thing that can compete with Roger’s love of taking a stroll through the great outdoors, it’s quality time with his favorite people. Roger enjoys being around his friends so much that he sometimes likes to pretend he’s a lap dog! This gentle soul will take a seat right in your lap and might even give you a few kisses while he’s at it!

Special features: Roger is one smart pup! He’s always willing to work hard for a tasty treat and is currently working on remembering not to pull on his leash. A people person at heart, Roger loves every human he meets but is a little inexperienced when it comes to canine friends. He should meet all other dogs one-on-one first and would prefer not to go to dog parks.

Dream home: Roger would like an adopter who is willing to help him remember his leash manners. As friendly as they come, he would do great with children of any age.