Grey/ White
American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
2 years

Sometimes you just need a simple phrase to describe a dog, and for Rapinoe that phrase is “a big softy!” It’s not just his soulful eyes or his gentle demeanor that lends themselves well to that phrase—it’s also the feeling of utter love you get when you spend some time with him. He can’t wait to find a new, comfy home and he’s hoping it may be yours!

Big fan of: Quality time with his friends! New environments and people can be a little scary for Rapinoe, but with a slow approach and a little time, this big boy comes around. The staff that know him well describe it best: “once he warms up to you he is a big baby!” Rapinoe loves snuggling up for some quality one-on-one time with his humans, but he’s also always up for an adventure! He’s only getting better at enjoying outdoor walks and is an absolute breeze to leash up. But, Rapinoe’s favorite hobby isn’t going for walks—it’s joining in on playgroup! Rapinoe has horsed around with plenty of other dogs at the shelter and has enjoyed almost every minute of it. In his new home, Rapinoe would appreciate slow introductions to any other pets and a week or two to settle in before letting his dog skills shine at the dog park.

Special features: Rapinoe may have a tough exterior, but on the inside he really is a sweet, gentle ball of mush! New places and situations make this big boy a little nervous, so he likes taking his time getting used to things. Throwing some yummy treats in the mix can help Rapinoe get comfortable and realize that the things he thought might be a little scary, really aren’t!

Dream home: Rapinoe would thrive in a quiet neighborhood with an adopter who understands he’ll need time to adjust to his new home. Kids make this big boy a little nervous, so he would prefer to live with teens and up.