Maltese Mix
4 years

Meet Raphael! This tiny Maltese mix is looking for his forever home. Come meet Raphael at the ASPCA Adoption Center today.

Big fan of: His best friends—people and dogs alike! Raphael loves to play with other dogs. This social boy is very affectionate with people he knows well. With time and patience, he will warm up to new, friendly faces.

Not a fan of: Raphael is working on becoming better at sharing his food. Our Behavior team can provide you with exercises to help him with this.

Special features: Raphael walks very well on his leash! This smart pup will stick right by your side when out for a walk. Raphael has a medium energy level. This small pup may have been wee-wee pad trained in his previous home, and with supervision, he will quickly adjust to his new surroundings. Raphael needs regular brushing and grooming.

Dream home: This special dog would like to join a home with an experienced adopter and teens-and-up. This little guy has a manageable liver condition and is expected to live a normal lifespan. Raphael will need to be fed a nutritional supplement each day to support his condition. Our Medical team can walk you through Raphael’s care!

If you’re interested: Please call our Adoption Center in New York City at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120.