American Cocker Spaniel/Miniature Poodle
4 years

Peanut is an adorable Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix looking for a special adopter! This young dog has a few orthopedic concerns, but is still a very lively, spirited pup.

Big fan of: Saying hello to friendly faces! This lovable pup enjoys making new friends. He likes most people he meets, but is a bit nervous around unusual objects like hats and canes. Peanut likes to explore when he is outside. This social pup is interested in making new dog friends but can be a bit forward when greeting them.

Not a fan of: Alone time! Peanut tends to bark when he is by himself, but our Behavior team can help you reward Peanut for quiet behavior. He is a bit uncomfortable with people reaching for his bone, but Peanut is learning to share.

Special features: Peanut is young and should continue to be socialized with new places and people in his new home. Supervision and a routine walking schedule will help Peanut learn to only use the bathroom outside. This special dog needs very gentle brushing and grooming.

Other features: Peanut has multiple orthopedic problems, and must take joint health supplements and maintain a healthy weight. He should not run or jump. Please call our Adoption Center to find out more about Peanut’s medical condition.

Dream home: An adopter with some experience and a home with kids 10-and-up would be a great fit for Peanut.

If you’re interested: Please call our Adoption Center in New York City at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120.