American Pit Bull Terrier
1 year

There are so many things to do and see in the world—and if there’s one pup who knows that, it’s Paige!  Paige is an active and spunky gal who’s eager to learn how to hone her energy in and become a mature lady. Whether you’re strapping on your running shoes to go for a jog or packing your bags to go on an adventure, Paige would love to come with you! 

Big fan of: Zoomies! Paige is the type of gal who has energy to spare. Her favorite way to show her fun side is by bouncing off the walls! Throw a squeaky toy in the mix and Paige won’t be able to contain herself. This pup is an expert at not only running around with toys in her mouth, but tossing and chasing after them too! When the games are said and done, Paige loves relaxing with her favorite humans. A lovebug, this girl melts into your hands when you give her scratches and will give you a big smile to let you know how happy she is! 

Special features: Paige loves to learn! She would like to continue studying up on her manners, including sharing her food and toys with people, remembering to use the bathroom outside and taking unseen sounds in stride. When it comes to other dogs, Paige can sometimes be a little more forward than some pups might like. She should meet any canine friends slowly in a one-on-one setting!

Dream home: Paige would like a patient adopter who can give her some positive reinforcement training to help her remember her manners! She would prefer a home without kitty roommates. Meet Paige today to see if she’s a good match for your family.