Chihuahua /Pug
7 years

Oh, Otis! There’s just something about this guy that’s impossible not to fall in love with. A true gentleman, Otis is ready to find a quiet home where he can cuddle up with a friend, relax and enjoy all the peaceful things life has to offer!

Big fan of: Pets and scratches! Otis can be pretty shy around strangers, but with some time to warm up he becomes a true lover! Once Otis feels comfortable, he’s sure to flop over onto his back and side for some belly scratches—he can never get enough! As soon as you stop, Otis will be sure to nudge you to ask for more. But, if there’s one thing that could come close to competing with the greatness of a belly rub, it’s a head scratch! Pet that sweet spot behind his ear and Otis melts into your hands and cuddles up on your lap. Otis’ confident side really shows itself when he’s with other pups, particularly those around his size! Sometimes Otis can be a little too nervous to join in on their games, but he still wants to call them a friend!

Special features: Otis is a shy guy, but he’s taking steps towards becoming more confident! The sights and sounds of the city are overwhelming for him, so Otis needs an adopter who can help him become more comfortable outside.

Dream home: Otis would do best with a patient adopter who can give him the training he needs to bring his bold side out! He must go to a home in a quiet neighborhood and could benefit from living with a relaxed, older dog who can show him the ropes. A ladies’ man at heart, Otis would prefer to go home with a female adopter.