American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
1 year

As her name may imply, Orchard is looking for a home to blossom in! This sweet pup can be a little nervous in new environments, but at the core, she’s a playful, spunky lady that just wants to shine. She’d do best with an adopter who has some experience with a dog like her, and she’s hoping that may be you!

Big fan of: Pretending she’s a lap dog! Sometimes Orchard can be a little nervous in new places, but this gal has never met a person she doesn’t like and immediately plops down in the lap of any human friend who sits with her with a smile on her face the whole time! When it’s time to get up and get going, Orchard is one happy pup. A big fan of playtime, Orchard adores getting to let her zoomies out and chase after toys, and she loves including her humans in all her fun games! Orchard is a pro at playing fetch with herself but happily runs her squeaky toys back to her friends. And when it comes to friends, Orchard doesn’t limit herself to just people! This pup loves being in a playgroup with other dogs but prefers not to horse around with boisterous, pushy ones. She should meet any potential pup friends one-on-one first. 

Special features: Orchard loves to learn and is working hard on becoming a mature lady! She can get a little nervous in new situations and environments but is trying hard to build her confidence. 

The world is an exciting place for Orchard, and sometimes she can get a little too wrapped up in the excitement and forget her manners, so she’s learning to remember to keep all four paws on the ground. 

Dream home: Orchard would prefer an adopter that has some experience with shy or nervous dogs. Small kids can sometimes be a little too much for her, so she would prefer a home with teens and up—however, she could do okay with quiet, well-behaved kids that have some dog experience. Come meet her today!