Mr. Beefy

Mr Beefy
White/Brown - Brindle
American Pit Bull Terrier
8 years

Sometimes a dog comes through the ASPCA Adoption Center and every staff member and volunteer instantly falls in love—Mr. Beefy is one of those pups! No matter where he is or what he’s doing, Mr. Beefy manages to put a smile on the face of everyone in the room. He’s waiting patiently to meet you and make you smile, too!

Big fan of: Tennis balls! Mr. Beefy would be in paradise if he got the chance to attend the US Open because he loves nothing more than running after any and every tennis ball he sees. When he doesn’t trot right back over to you with it, Mr. Beefy likes to stretch himself out on the floor and chew to his heart’s content! The only thing that might compete with Mr. Beefy’s love of toys is his love of people. This guy has never met a person he doesn’t like and will happily take all the full-body rubs you’re willing to give! Mr. Beefy is somewhat inexperienced when it comes to meeting other dogs and prefers to focus his attention on just his human friends.

Special features: Mr. Beefy isn’t just cute—he’s smart, too! This guy loves to learn and is currently working on remembering to use the bathroom outside and how to be comfortable during not-so-fun vet visits. 

Dream home: Mr. Beefy is looking for an adopter who will give him plenty of love! He has previously lived with children. Meet him today to find out if he’s a good fit for your family! 

Mr Beefy

Mr Beefy