Pomeranian Mix
5 years

If you looked up “floof” in the dictionary, you’d find Mochi’s picture. Our beautiful, resident fluff-ball is a sensitive gal looking for someone she can show her sweet side to. Mochi is a lap dog at heart, and she’s just looking for the right lap snuggle up in. While Mochi is eager to find her new cuddle buddy, she appreciates slow introductions when it comes to making new friends. Won’t you come get to know this gorgeous girl?

Big fan of: Her favorite people! Mochi takes a bit of time to warm up to new faces and places and she can sometimes feel nervous when being handled, but once she feels comfortable, she is eager to become your ever-loving sidekick and BFF. She appreciates the finer things in life and prefers plenty of relaxation and time for snuggles with her favorite humans. Mochi also likes dog friends, and has lived well with another dog in the past. However, when out on her leash, she sometimes feels frustrated and may bark at other dogs passing by. Our Behavior team can help you with tips on helping Mochi to mind her manners when out for a walk.

Special features: Mochi is working on improving her basic manners every day, and she will work hard for a taste of her favorite treat! In her previous home, Mochi may have been housetrained, but guidance and supervision will help her remember to only use the bathroom outside as she adjusts to her new home. Our Behavior team can provide further guidance on how to make Mochi’s transition easiest. Mochi will need to be brushed regularly and groomed professionally every six to eight weeks.

Dream home: Mochi needs an understanding adopter who will take things slow as she adjusts to her new environment. She should join a calm, adults-only household.