Rottweiler Mix
8 years

Mercury’s not in retrograde—she’s here at the ASPCA Adoption Center! Don’t let her size fool you. This gal may be big, but she has a heart as warm as the sun! Mercury is as playful and sweet as they come, and she’s looking for that special someone who can take her on plenty of walks where she can explore this planet. It’s impossible to resist Mercury’s gravitational pull—so come meet her and get caught in orbit!

Big fan of: People! This gentle giant is convinced she’s a lap dog and will make her way right up onto you if it means getting some cuddle time with her friends. And belly rubs? Even better! Mercury isn’t shy about letting anyone and everyone know just how much she loves them—she flops right over to tell you she’s ready! This fun-loving lady would always have a tennis ball in her mouth if given the chance, and she counts on her people to join in on her never-ending play sessions. While she loves humans, Mercury is pickier about dog friends and should meet all other pups one-on-one first. 

Special features: Mercury is always up for adventures! While she loves exploring the outside world she isn’t the biggest fan of visits to the vet. Our Behavior team can give you plenty of tips on how to help Mercury feel more comfortable around the doctor.

Dream home: Mercury is looking for a special buddy who can take her on plenty of walks and give her lots of love! She would do well with children ages 10 and up.