Labrador Retriever Mix
2 years

If you’ve ever imagined sharing your home with a large and lovable Labrador, then you must meet Maximo! This athletic, adolescent guy loves hard and is ready to share that love with someone special!

Maximo, or Max for short, has lived in a loving home since he was a young pup. While in his quiet home, he didn’t have the opportunity to meet new people, so the shelter is overwhelming for this poor guy, resulting in lots of barking. ASPCA staff and volunteers are working hard to make Max comfortable in the shelter, but home is really where he wants to go—can you blame him?

Big fan of: Snuggling and snacking on his favorite treats—chicken and cheese! Max also loves jumping up to greet his friends, but don’t worry, manners training is on his bucket list. Max is a goofball and can’t hide his excitement when a friend walks into the room. He doesn’t have a lot of experience greeting and playing with other dogs, but with the help of our staff he is learning how and to understand canine communication a little bit better! This guy is always up for an adventure and would love to go hiking or to a local park!

Things he’s working on: Since Max lived in a quiet home previously, he can be nervous around new or unfamiliar things, like people he doesn’t know, the vacuum and fireworks. He’s been known to bark when he first meets new people, but he quickly warms when offered treats or when he meets new people outside. For this reason, our Behavior staff would love to introduce you to Max in our training room where he is most comfortable. Our staff is working to help Max feel safe around new people and can provide tips to continue his training at home.

Special features: Max appears to be housetrained, and with guidance and a schedule he will quickly adjust to his new home. Although he is feeling anxious in the shelter, Max has been quick to make new friends and can regularly be caught snuggling with a staff member in his kennel, or in our training room chasing a ball.

Dream home: Max seeks a family who love the idea of a young and active guy, are eager to help him explore his new world on his terms and will be comfortable with taking things slowly. Our team is pretty smitten with Max and are standing by with support and tips to help him find his way home. He may be able to share his home with another dog, but they should meet first in a one-on-one setting to see if they are a match. Max has lived with children as young as 9!