Tan / White
Labrador Retriever Mix
1 year

A fun-loving, silly pup, this boy is learning how to balance his playful side with his mature side—and he’s looking for an adopter to help him get there! Are you ready to tell the story of how you met Marshall?

Big fan of: Adventures! Marshall is always on the go and up for fun—especially when it involves getting out and stretching his legs! A big fan of walks, this guy loves showing off just how great he is on leash. But, Marshall’s one true love is playtime! He happily chases after any toy or ball you toss, and it’s impossible to not know how much fun he’s having—you can’t miss the big, goofy grin that spreads across his face! Sit down with him and give him some treats, and Marshall will be in paradise—he may even jump on your lap and give you kisses!

Special features: Marshall is ready to blossom into a mature adult! He’s studying up on his polite house manners, including keeping his mouth to himself and leaving all four paws on the ground. And, he’s learning how to be comfortable around other dogs! He can be nervous around other pups, but with patient, gentle dogs his fun-loving side shines as bright as the sun!

Dream home: Marshall would do best with an adopter who can provide him with positive reinforcement training to help him become his best self! Meet Marshall to find out if he’s a good fit for your family!