Red/ White
Labrador Retriever
2 years

More About Her:

Meet Maki! This sweet girl is looking to start the next chapter in her life—she’s just waiting for someone like you. If you’re training for your next marathon or just looking for a running buddy, Maki could be the one for you. She’s looking for a loving home where she can continue to work out her growing pains and continue to blossom into the mature dog we know she can be.

Big fan of: Staying active! Maki is still an adolescent girl, so she’s got plenty of energy to go around. She is looking for a home where she can get plenty of exercise and playtime. Maki is sweet and friendly, but sometimes feels nervous around new people and places. With some time and some tasty encouragement—like her favorites, cheese and hot dogs—she’ll quickly befriend you and warm up. Maki likes most dogs and would appreciate trips to the dog park where she can play. Any new dogs in her new home should be met first in a one-on-one setting.

Special features: In her previous home, Maki may have been housetrained. Guidance and supervision will help her remember to only use the bathroom outside in her new home. Maki is eager to learn more of her basic manners and will work hard for a tasty treat.

Dream home: Maki is looking for a home with an active adopter who will continue to train her and keep her active. She can join a household with children 10 years and older.