Mountain Cur Mix
1 year

The world is an exciting place, and Mack’s just living in it! This high-energy boy is looking for someone that can keep up with his never-ending adventures. Whether it’s a serious play sesh with his favorite toys, going for a good jog outside or just being his spunky self, Mack is always looking for fun! And that smile—contagious! That big doggie grin of his can win over even the grumpiest humans. Are you ready to share a smile with Mack?

Big fan of: People! Mack adores attention and just can’t get enough pets or lap cuddles from his favorite humans. And playtime? Even better! He’ll never turn down a game, and you can count on him to always give 100%! Mack can be picky about what other dogs he calls his friends and is not a fan of dogs his size or larger, preferring small- to medium-size dogs. He should take things slow and meet all potential playmates one-on-one first. He likes to keep his doggie social circle small (literally!) and would not be a good dog park dog.

Special features: Mack loves to make sure he’s getting all the attention he can. Sometimes he gets so focused on this amazing human in front of him that he forgets to keep all four paws on the ground. He can also get a little too excited or nervous in certain situations. But, he’s smart as a whip and is working on remembering to mind his manners. Mack is already housetrained and will wait to use the bathroom outside.

Dream home: Mack needs a patient, experienced adopter who is willing to continue to train him and make him feel comfortable in his new home. He’s an active guy that needs someone that can keep up with him! He can live in a household with teens and up.