American Pit Bull Terrier
2 years

More About Her:

We’re certain that you’ll love Lucy within moments of meeting her. This pretty girl is a sensitive sweetheart who appreciates slow, polite, one-on-one introductions and likes to approach new friends when she feels comfortable. We believe that Lucy has had limited interactions in the outside world, so sometimes she feels overwhelmed when meeting lots of new people. But despite her shy demeanor, Lucy is a bubbly athlete at heart! She loves to run, jump and play fetch—her skills are quite impressive. Though she may take her time to warm up, lovely Lucy is eager to find her new BFF!

Big fan of: Her favorite people! In our shelter, Lucy has opened up beautifully and has a ton of human friends—she’s become quite popular. Lucy is a friendly girl who just needs some time before she can show her bright, beautiful personality. Once she’s had time to feel comfortable, Lucy will quickly become your new buddy and stick by your side. When Lucy feels stressed or overwhelmed, she will look to her human friends for support and will jump up to hug you or curl up in your lap. She’s happiest when she’s able to play a nice game of fetch and run around with a plush toy in her mouth. Lucy likes other dog friends, but sometimes gets overexcited during playtime. For this reason, she should meet any new dog friends first in a one-on-one setting. Once she’s met her new dog friend, Lucy will change her play style to adapt to her new friend. She knows how to take turns in play and would be a great play buddy for other active, young dogs.

Special features: In her previous home, Lucy may have been housetrained, but she may need some guidance and supervision as she adjusts to her new home. Our Behavior team can help you with tips on how to help Lucy remember to only use the bathroom outside.

Dream home: Lucy is looking for a loving, patient adopter who understands how important it is to allow Lucy time to feel comfortable and safe. She can join a household with teens and up.