Labrador Retriever Mix
1 year

Are you looking for a fun, active dog that will keep you on your toes? Meet Lance! This big, lovable guy always wants to keep moving. Lance’s inner varsity athlete is just dying to come out, but he still needs that special training buddy to help him as he refines his skills and matures. If you’re often described as “full of life,” and you love staying active, this handsome dog may be the one for you. So put on your sneakers, grab your water bottle and get ready to burn some calories with Lance!

Big fan of: Exercise! If Lance was a person, he’d be up and at ‘em as soon as his morning alarm went off. While you’re getting ready for your daily run, he’ll be sitting at the door ready to go! And your long, evening walk? He’ll never say no to tagging along! He can also be a total lovebug. Any kind of pets, scratches and cuddles are more than okay with him! Lance likes other dogs but sometimes forgets that they might be a little shier than he is, so he should meet all possible dog friends one-on-one first.

Special features: The world is an exciting, and sometimes unsure, place for Lance. He can get so wrapped up in his surroundings, especially when in new situations, that he forgets to keep all four paws on the ground or tries to grab at his leash when out for a walk. However, he’s a smart boy who already knows “sit,” and is working on remembering his manners! Lance responds to positive reinforcement and will work hard for a taste of his favorite treat as he continues to practice his manners and basic commands. In his previous home, Lance may have been housetrained, and our Behavior staff can give you some tips to help him remember to only use the bathroom outside as he adjusts to his new home.

Dream home: Lance needs an experienced adopter that can give him lots of daily exercise and the continued training he needs to help him remember his manners around people and other dogs. He should live in an active household with teens and up.