3 years

We’re hoping that Lady may be your lady! This girl is truly special and is looking for a human who’s just as special as her. Lady is a fearful gal who needs a home in a non-urban area, with a person who’s excited to take things slow with her. Underneath her nervous exterior is a dog who may just be one of the most loving we’ve ever met, and she’d love to fall in love with you.

Big fan of: Getting attention from her BFFs! It takes some time to get into Lady’s inner circle, but once you’re there you’re bound to be friends for life. In her foster home, Lady has learned that she likes getting love from her favorite people, going so far as to follow them from room to room when she’s feeling attention hungry. If you don’t have the time or space to give Lady some pets, it’s no problem! She’s bound to go right to one of her other friends and beg from them instead. The only thing that Lady may love more than being doted on is taking naps! According to her foster parent, Lady has no issue snoozing the day away. And, aside from how cute it is, there’s a big benefit to Lady’s naps —they give her enough energy to partake in some fun playtime with small dogs!

Working on: Her confidence! When we first met Lady, she would immediately back away from anyone who came near. With love, lots of patience and treats—hot dogs, in particular—Lady began to slowly warm up to ASPCA staff members. A similar behavior pattern has been seen in her foster home, too. Lady is still nervous around strangers—and likely always will be—and she tends to show these nerves by barking. The same is also true when she sees certain types of other dogs—particularly, those who are on the larger side. Our Behavior team thinks that Lady likely didn’t receive much socialization when she was a young pup, leading her to be on the fearful side as an adult. So, she needs a special person who’s willing to take it slow with her and understands that the work that needs to be put into building a relationship with this sweet girl is well worth the reward! Our Behavior team is happy to speak with interested adopters about how they can best set Lady up for success.

Dream home: Lady is looking for an adopter who has experience with dogs like her and lives in a home with teens and up. Because the city is too scary of a place for Lady, her new home should definitely be in a non-urban area where she’s much more likely to thrive! Lady has previously done well living with a kitty—and if you have a dog in your home, our staff would be happy to help with an introduction! If you love Lady as much as we do, please fill out our Dog Adoption Survey.