American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
6 years

You can’t deny it—when you first meet Kingsly, there’s just something about him that draws you in. Maybe it’s his regal nature—he truly lives up to his name—or maybe it’s that you can feel the love and kindness radiating out of him. Regardless of the reason, sweet Kingsly has captured the affection of every staff member and volunteer that’s laid eyes on him, and he’s ready to capture yours too!

Big fan of: His friends! Kingsly is a people dog through and through. There’s nothing this good boy enjoys more than spending a little quality time with his humans! Kingsly loves to bask in the bliss of nice pets and scratches, and his favorite way to ask for some? By staring at you with those beautiful doe eyes! And if you’re sitting in a chair, there’s no way to miss him—Kingsly will make sure you understand his ask by plopping his head right into your lap! Kingsly loves his friends so much that he can get a little nervous when they’re not around. But, he’s a brave guy at heart and has made strides towards becoming a confident and independent pup!

Special features: Kingsly is a strong dog—physically and mentally! After arriving at the ASPCA Adoption Center, Kinglsy received surgery and physical therapy for a bad knee. He’s still in the healing process, but you wouldn’t know it! When out for walks, Kingsly sometimes get so excited about the world that he pulls on his leash. But, he’s studying up on his polite walking skills!

Dream home: Kingsly would make a wonderful addition to any household! He’s appropriate for a first-time dog owner and could make a great family dog.