Black/ White
3 years

Indie’s just looking to have a good time! An active and spunky lady, Indie’s an expert at putting a smile on the face of everyone she meets—and smiling right back! This pup is dreaming of a home where she can get lots of affection, playtime, walks and a little training, too! Could that home be yours?

Big fan of: Attention! Indie absolutely adores everyone she meets and wants nothing more than to be showered in love. She particularly enjoys cuddles and getting some good scratches—especially on the rump! But even more so than snuggles, Indie loves getting the chance to stretch her legs. This active gal likes being on the go and will take as many walks as you’re willing to give! Feeling the sunshine on her back and stopping to smell the roses—literally—are some of Indie’s favorite hobbies. Once she’s back inside, Indie loves partaking in a good, old-fashioned play session! Whether she’s gnawing on a tennis ball, chasing a squeaky toy or tugging on a rope, any and all types of games make Indie one happy lady.

Special features: Indie is willing to do anything for a yummy snack, including learning new tricks! Right now, Indie is working on remembering to keep her mouth and paws to herself when excited and to walk politely on leash. Indie tends to forget her manners around other dogs and would do best in one-on-one play sessions with other pups instead of trips to the dog park!

Dream home: Indie would do best with an experienced adopter who can give her some positive reinforcement training! Young kids can be a little too much for her, so Indie would prefer a home with teens and up. Come meet her today!