Terrier Mix
7 years

Hattie is one easygoing gal! This laid-back dog is a couch potato at heart and is looking for someone who likes to kick back and relax just as much as she does. Hattie is the perfect companion for anyone who appreciates taking it easy, mellow nights in and plenty of snuggles. She’s a calm, mature lady looking for her new BFF.

Big fan of: Cuddling! Hattie loves spending time on the couch, cuddling with her people. She loves to indulge in plenty of pets and scratches and will be sure to show you just how much she loves and appreciates you. Sweet Hattie likes to be the apple of everyone’s eye and would prefer not to be around other dogs, including when out for walks. She can sometimes be reactive toward other pups on the street, but for the most part, she enjoys strolling around with plenty of time to stop and sniff her surroundings.

Special features: Hattie is one smart lady! She’s already housetrained and usually minds her manners. Hattie has been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, a disorder that affects her adrenal gland and causes her body to produce too much cortisol. Despite this diagnosis, Hattie’s condition is completely manageable and this sweet dog is otherwise healthy and always in good spirits. Our medical team can talk through anything you may need concerning Hattie’s health.

Dream home: Hattie is looking for a caring adopter who will keep her happy and healthy. She’s lived with cats before and can join a household with children six years and older.